"Great Memories Beautifully Preserved."

After reviewing many wedding photographers’ profiles, we contacted Petrina and Leon to be our wedding photographer and videographer. After a successful pre-wedding session in Singapore, they took their crew and spent two days with us in Bali, where our wedding took place. It was such a great pleasure working with them, and the final product is absolutely breathtaking. We were very impressed by their professionalism, artistic sense and great execution on the wedding day. Most importantly, their final edited work shows great passion and extensive experience producing wedding photos and videos, which Chelsey watched over and over again. We highly recommend Petrina and Leon to anyone who is planning their weddings. Rest assure they will make the whole process a lot easier and preserve the beautiful moments in the most artistic way. Thank you and best of luck!

- Kevin & Chelsey

"Talented and Sincere."

A talented, sincere, and perceptive photographer.

We are truly grateful to have Leon as our wedding photographer. It was a small and intimate wedding, and Leon truly made it special and meaningful. I am an avid photographer myself, and I really needed to find someone who is sensitive to the unspoken language which exists in photography. This is a skill which Leon possesses. He is sensitive to capture these moments, and I like it because it's authentic, sincere and timely captured. There are many wedding photographers out there and they could capture the 'perfect' shots. Those pictures may look 'picture perfect' in your album, but they may not look natural. I'm not sure how to explain this in layman terms but Leon captures the natural look that we truly wanted. Not many photographers out there could do this, in my opinion.

Well, that's our preference and our personal experience with Leon.

Most importantly, what I really like about Leon is that he is flexible , highly adaptable and versatile in his approach . He is easy to work with, and through our discussions, I find a balance between both friendship, and professionalism. This is important for me, as Leon truly immerses himself in our wedding plans, and he also respects our wants and at the same time we are able to discuss things from both a photographer's point of view and our desired final outcome.

Last but not least, we are truly grateful that we not only have the wonderful photographs of our wedding, but also a true friendship. Please contact us, if you do visit Taiwan ya! 

— Syaz and Eva

“So Impressed with their work!”

A Merry Moment was a great decision. We had an initial meeting months before the wedding and they shared so many tips with us that came in very useful during the planning stage.

Leon and Petrina are extremely experienced and talented in their craft. They will know your wedding programme in and out, and are quick to anticipate issues that may arise during the course of the day. I love corresponding with them as they reply efficiently and concisely, saving me a lot of hassle and time and I can focus on other stuff.

During our wedding day, they were so full of energy. Our wedding was exceptionally long from 5.30am in the morning through to 10pm+ at night. That’s a total of 16.5 hours of non-stop work!!! They went the extra mile in so many ways. Petrina is like your additional bridesmaid at times, she really looks out for you. Thanks Petrina for offering to stay longer than you should just to capture a few more precious moments.

The morning highlights video they did for us within the same day was stitched together perfectly. The best part is that it even included my first dinner march in which had happened only minutes before! It surprised so many of my guests, they are still raving about it today, two months after my wedding!

They sent us 6 fully edited pictures and a perfectly edited highlights video the very next afternoon for social media postings. I bet they didn’t sleep! And this week, we have received our full set of pictures of the main event, and so many lovely candid shots of our guests’ reactions, as well as a 1 hour+ long video capturing all the speeches and important moments all beautifully edited.

I’m so glad we didn’t skimp on getting a great photographer and videographer. It’s the most important! I’m so impressed with your work Petrina and Leon. THANK YOU!

- Nelson & Deborah

“Blessed to Have Met Them.”

My wife and I are so very lucky to have met Petrina and Leon and to have chosen a Merry Moment for both our pre-wedding shoots and actual day photos and videos.

My Wife and I tend to be a little awkward in front of cameras but Petrina and Leon made us feel so comfortable that we had such a good time during our pre wed shoot! Every now and then, we still think back about that day and laugh about it. Hahaha!

We have read so many horror stories of wedding photos turning out so bad and it’s scary as weddings are once in a lifetime. We had full confidence in A Merry Moment and we were definitely not disappointed! The pictures were amazing, the video captured all the important moments that made the wedding awesome and we had a blast watching them! Thank you A Merry Moment for being part of our milestone and we will definitely get you guys again to help us with our next milestone, maybe maternity shoot?

Thanks so much once again Petrina and Leon, we are both very blessed to have met you guys!

- Ryan & Evelyn

"Best Decision Ever!"

We engaged A Merry Moment last December for our wedding and what we received was way beyond our expectations! Leon and Petrina were very passionate, professional, friendly and patient throughout the process. It was very helpful when Petrina gave us suggestions on the flow of the programme so that we could cover our tea ceremonies and an outdoor wedding shoot within the time frame given. They made us feel comfortable throughout the process which was so important for us since there were so many things going. Leon's videography skills were awesome too! Our family and friends were impressed with the wedding express highlights and how he and his team managed to edit the videos so quickly for our wedding lunch! And to our delight (which we did not expect), we received our photos and videos in a thumbdrive in a cute wooden box with some complimentary mini prints in it! So meticulous! Sam and I felt that engaging Petrina and Leon was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding.

- Samuel & Evelyn

“Passionate and Talented.”

We came across A Merry Moment through Facebook and were impressed by their videos from previous weddings.

Leon is the absolute best videographer to work with. He and his assistant  were extremely accommodating, fun and easy-going throughout the whole day. They were also very punctual on the actual day to do the necessary set-up, which put me at ease.

Aside from capturing the most important parts of your day in a most unique way, Leon also truly worked to meet everyone's needs, and made our entire bridal party enjoy the experience.

The editing was fabulous, the effects and shots were impressive. To us, the final product was in fact a masterpiece. We simply love his style of work, flow and the artistry demonstrated. It leaves us a beautiful and timeless memory we will have for a lifetime.

We were thankful to have engaged Leon as our videographer. I would highly recommend Leon and his team to anyone looking for amazing services! He is a true professional, passionate and very talented in his vision. Once again, thanks for everything! 

- Chen Siang & Shi Hui

"Full of Praises for them!"

As there are tons and tons of photographers and videographers, we found A Merry Moment and decided to meet up with them to see what they could offer. We immediately signed up with them after seeing what they are capable of doing and their positive attitude. Their price package is one of the most reasonable we have seen on the market. Petrina and Leon also guided us along the way with the wedding day schedule and the schedule turned out perfect. On our request, Leon also challenged himself to finish the "Same day edit" highlights video for our lunch banquet which I think was their first and it turned out great with everybody praising it.

Both of you really made our wedding more pleasurable, giving us the best memories to look back on down the years. Thanks for giving us A Merry Moment!

- Christopher & Wenjia

"Highly Positive Experience!"

We came across A Merry Moment's portfolio through Bridestory and were impressed with their work. We knew we had to book Petrina and Leon after reading countless great reviews about them. And everything came true to what we had read and went even better than expected!

Prior to the wedding day, Petrina had gone the extra mile by using her professional contacts to find us a good discount for a photo book. On the actual day, Petrina, Leon and Kenny (the assistant) came way in advance to prepare for the shoot. You could tell they were very relaxed and made us all feel at ease and yet they were very passionate and detailed to the point. The trio knew exactly the key people to capture without us directing them or providing any prior information. We were very happy to see many special moments captured, many that we missed as we were probably too busy to notice on that day.

We planned for an outdoor shoot after our wedding lunch and Petrina had done some pre-work and found that an event was taking place at the pre-determined location and had in mind an alternative location. Because they knew what they were doing so well, we could enjoy our big day without worrying about the sequence, etc. Everything just went extremely well and we can't thank them enough! We love the photos and the cinematic clips very much (and also the way it was presented in a momento box along with card-sized pics) In total, we met Leon and Petrina thrice (pre-wedding, actual day and post wedding), and we had very good vibes about them as we found them sincere and easy-going. We're just thankful that we found them for our big day and would definitely recommend them to any couple!

- Sebastian & Cherlynn

"Top Notch!"

Everybody's review on A Merry Moment is top-notch and it is no wonder because the service rendered by Leon is impeccable. We were introduced to A Merry Moment by a friend honestly because for their video quality. The service was really value-for-money especially for a budget stripped couple like us. It was really a gem that we had stumbled upon them. Leon is extremely attentive. He was the VG for my friend's wedding and I was the bridesmaid. We haven't even met before but he already knew who I was and said hello & introduced himself! I was pleasantly surprised by that. Besides that, on our wedding day itself, Leon was extremely patient, never getting annoyed by the people around, moving away instinctively so that the photographer could get his shots which I noticed and appreciate. As someone who has photography and videography background, I also really appreciate the edits and transitions on our videos (not easy!), and he also managed to work in my song request for the highlights, so I'm really thankful! Our wedding day really means a lot to us (as do all couples) and I'm so glad the important moments and words were all captured for us to watch again and again. Thanks again Leon!

- Shawn & Phoebe

“Highly Recommended!”

We engaged A Merry Moment for both our pre-wedding and actual day shoot. Right from the initial meet-up, Leon and Petrina were professional, pleasant to work with and prompt in response. We made multiple changes in our pre-wedding venues and itineraries but they were always patient and chipped in ideas. We are pleased with the quality of the photos and videos they put together for us. The AD video captured all the key highlights of the day and is definitely one where we can refresh memories of the most important day of our lives. We highly recommend A Merry Moment to capture the important moments of your life!

- Weison & Olivia

“Earnest and Professional.”

Leon’s earnest attitude left a deep impression on us. Without prompting, he requested for our actual day draft schedule during our email exchange and during our initial meet up, he helped us to improve our schedule to make it more accurate and realistic. Our actual day events were pretty packed with the gate-crash at 6.30am, back to groom’s place at 8am, mass at 10am followed by a hotel luncheon – but Leon was unfazed by the tight timeline and captured our wedding in a relaxed manner, which in turn took our minds off the crazy schedule and allowed us to enjoy our day. He let no details went unnoticed and even declined a quick lunch break just so that he could capture as much footage as possible. His professionalism not only touched my husband and me but by my entire family too. We just received our videos and we could not be happier with the results! We are so pleased that the videos are well recorded and thoughtfully edited. Definitely no regrets for engaging A Merry Moment!

- Chung Yong & Melissa

"Thank you!"

Nic and I got Petrina to be our actual day wedding photographer. Seeing the great reviews on Bridestory and on Facebook helped us to decide that A Merry Moment was the vendor that suited our needs. From the get-go, Petrina was helpful, very responsive and attentive to details. With her experience with weddings, she helped us to edit and manage expectations for our actual day schedule. She made everyone feel at ease on the actual day, and also helped us to keep to the schedule! The photos were edited really nicely. Thank you very much for being a part of our big day Petrina!

- Nicholas & Lavinia

“Definitely recommended!”

I came across Petrina through recommendations by my bridal shop. Since then I have been in touch with her through emails and messages. She always responds to me very fast and she is very nice and easy to communicate with.

On my wedding day, apart from taking photos, she also helped me with other things such as calling hotel room service to clean up the bed and even helping me to put on the gown. I really appreciated that because those are not her duties and she is doing everything she could to make the day run more smoothly.

And I really love her photos! They are so bright, clean and lively! The facial expressions are just nicely captured. Thank you so much Petrina for your amazing work! I will definitely keep these valuable memories! And I will definitely recommend Petrina to my friends!

- Wei Han & Yanyan

“Awesome Service!”

We came across A Merry Moment after browsing through various videography websites and decided to engage Leon for our wedding lunch AD videography. It was one of the best decisions made. It was awesome service from him from start to end. He accommodated to all our requests and even took time before the wedding to record an audio voiceover for us. Leon managed to complete the AD video despite the tight schedule, without comprising on quality. It came out much better than what my wife and I envisioned and we have to credit Leon and his team for their professionalism and high quality edit. Highly recommended!

- Binghong & Jiayi

"Fantastic Experience."

It was a fantastic experience working with Petrina and Leon for our actual day wedding videography and photography. From the beginning, they guided us on the sequence of events that would happen in a wedding and advised us accordingly. During the actual day, they came early to prepare even though we were already starting at 4.30am. My husband and I really loved the morning wedding highlights video which really captured the essence of the morning. It has a very grand, dramatic and emotional cinematic feel. My entourage felt that they made everyone feel at ease throughout and during photoshoot as well. I received numerous good feedback from guests and friends on the photos I posted. I especially love how they are able to capture the emotions and expressions of people during the wedding. The prices for their services are really very reasonable too. We would definitely highly recommend anyone to engage them as your wedding videographer and photographer.

- Wenhao & Fang Xian

"Highly Recommended!"

A Merry Moment was recommended to us by a friend and it turned out to be one of the best decisions that we made. Leon and Petrina were well organised and prompted us with the right questions before the wedding which helped to ensure a smooth wedding. They knew what moments to capture and planned for it. In the excitement of the actual day (and it being our first time), their forethought and planning was essential to the best parts of the final wedding video. Where necessary, they improvised and made something out of nothing. Throughout the wedding, they were friendly, calm and professional. Their video captured all the essential bits of the wedding that we want to remember or did not get to experience personally. We are both grateful to Leon and Petrina for capturing our big day on video!

- Jasper & Sock Mui

“Never Thought I'd Ever Enjoy My Own Wedding Video This Much!”

The weather on our BIG DAY started like any wedding couple's NIGHTMARE - dark, gloomy, RAINY. But Leon was there to save us every step of the way! A true modern day superhero! His experience in wedding videography shone brightly as he provided us with apt and timely venue alternatives and choreographed video angles that kept us dry! Even though you'd think he'd be fully occupied with taking videos alone, on the side he was also able to subtly nudge us so we could keep to our planned schedule. Now I know you all might be thinking, "yea yea so what...we don't need another time keeper...just give me a good video!" So moving on to the video aspect of this review... Leon managed to edit a video on the same day (we all know how hard that is)...that made me, my wife, and all my guest laugh so hard. I couldn't believe how good it turned out - video quality and all. To be honest, in my opinion, some parts of the video turned out better on-screen than the live experience (oops!) Only when the next day came, and my wife and I had some time to think back on the BIG DAY, did we realise how important it was to have Leon as a part of our team. He never made us worry. He didn’t asked unnecessary questions and he never showed doubt in his live coverage. And he ALWAYS had clear instructions for us before he went off to capture those one-off moments that will NEVER COME AGAIN in your life.

- Fabian & Serene

“Way Beyond My Expectations!”

We engaged A Merry Moment for our actual day photography & videography and have no regrets at all. From the day I engaged them, I was already impressed as Petrina provided a draft schedule of my actual day and was ever patient about the changes I had made along the way. She even gave me ideas on what to do when my initial plan didn't go well. Both Petrina & Leon were very nice and patient, cracking up jokes to make us laugh & smile as we were getting tired. We’ve received my photos and videos and they were way beyond my expectations. Friends & colleagues have told me that both photos and videos are very nice and beautiful. We’ll definitely highly recommend them to any of our friends & colleagues who are getting married in future.

- Siva & Joanne

“You Won't Regret Choosing Them!”

We had Leon and Petrina for our AD Lunch Videography and Photography. From the first meeting, we just clicked as they presented themselves very sincerely and we love their previous works! Petrina was always available for advice on the AD schedule and they were both open to suggestions for the feel of the video we liked. On the actual day, they were punctual (which is so important!) and were able to interact with everyone very well. I was nervous on that day, and their positive energy influenced me to relax. We just received the photos/videos and they look great! The way they structured the photos/videos in the thumbdrive showed their care for detail and dedication for good work. We would strongly recommend them if you want a videographer and photographer that are excellent and value-for-money, you won't regret it!

- Kai Chen & Yan Tian

"Great Results!"

We were searching for wedding photography done in our church and that was when we found A Merry Moment. We were worried at first because we don't have any friends who could recommend us and we were just relying on reviews from other clients. 

When we sat down for a meeting 2 weeks before our wedding, we could see that Petrina and Leon were very calm and willing to listen to our requests. She noted down everything we thought could be important during the church ceremony.

On the actual day, they arrived on time in our hotel and we could feel that although we were trying to catch up, they worked very calmly and fast. We felt like they were able to help us relax and cheered us up. Without too much help from us, they were able to coordinate with our church team whom they had never met before.

Then once the wedding is over and we met them once again for the videos and photos. We were very happy and delightful to see the result! We like candid photos and wow, the candid photos taken were very nice and the color tone was also nicely done. We liked them so much!
The short video captured the best moments we had been thinking of and it was done nicely. Although the church ceremony was conducted in Bahasa Indonesia and Leon did not understand, he surprisingly put the right moment in the highlights.

We want to say thanks to Petrina and Leon for the great results we received. The prices for their services are really very reasonable too. We would definitely highly recommend anyone to engage them as your wedding videographer and photographer.

- Adhika & Patricia

 “Amazing Experience!”

Working with Petrina was incredibly easy and the way she put both of us at ease from the initial meet up to actual day wedding photography was just perfect. We are grateful on how she handled our actual day photography and ensuring that our guests enjoyed having her around to capture the (mulitple) joyous moments of the day.

Words alone will not be sufficient to convey our satisfaction of engaging A Merry Moment to capture the moments for the biggest day of our lives. Their passion and commitment to their art is truly heart-warming and genuine. Thank you.

- Jason & Sharlyn

“A Fantastic Job!”

Leon and his team did a fantastic job for both our highlight video & extended video. Our guest gave heaps of praises. It is amazing how Leon can produce such quality videos within a short time frame. He is really friendly and easy going. We highly recommend A Merry Moment! Thank you for capturing all the precious moments. 

- Amos & Carmen

“Very Pleased.”

We are very pleased to have engaged A Merry Moment for both our pre-wedding shoot and actual day photography and videography. Both Leon and Petrina are very friendly and cheerful which made our photoshoot with them a very enjoyable one. They are also very professional and are able to guide us in taking nice shots for our pre-wedding shoot. Through the whole process, we have formed good friendship with Leon and Petrina which made the actual day shooting an even more enjoyable one. The experience was filled with lots of laughter and joy, and there wasn’t a moment that we felt uncomfortable. Thank you Leon and Petrina for capturing our special moments, we are still enjoying the lovely photos and videos created by the both of you.

- Herman & Jia Jia

 “An Eye for Detail.”

Petrina has an eye for detail and I like her photography style very much! Their price was very reasonable too! 

Petrina was always quick to reply my emails. Weeks before the wedding, we had a meet up with her where we discussed about the wedding details. She’s very friendly, professional and easy to work with! I am very grateful that she had also offered to help me with the wedding schedule which was a headache for me and I had no idea where to begin. With the limited time I had between the fetching of bride, ROM & lunch banquet, she had it planned well and our day went smoothly according to schedule! I was looking forward for our photos and when we did receive our photos, we were both very satisfied! Petrina did not disappoint us and had captured everyone so beautifully. We are both really glad to have worked with Petrina and would highly recommend to our friends to engage Petrina! 

I would love to work with you again in future!! Thank you for ur amazing work!! 

- Junwei & Elyn

“Thank You for the Precious Moments!”

Leon and Petrina were such a joy to work with. They were both professional and yet super friendly, and immediately made us feel at ease during our initial meet up and discussion. They helped us with planning the sequence of events on our actual day and gave lots of great advice on timing, etc. 
One of our priorities was to hire people who were familiar with church weddings and Leon and Petrina were great in that aspect. They were very respectful of the restrictions on where they could stand or during which parts of the mass they could move around and didn't need any further reminders. On the actual day, they were punctual, attentive, and their assuring words helped to calm our nerves. 

Their wedding highlights video captured all our special moments and brought lots of laughter to our guests. We've just watched their exceptional documentation of our entire wedding day and we are so grateful for all these precious memories that they have captured for us. Thank you Leon and Petrina!

- Anthony & Elaine

“Amazing And Personable.”

Smooth sailing from start to finish, we couldn't ask for a better coverage for our big day. 

We took a chance with Leon and Petrina even though they were relatively a new establishment in the market then, but displayed the potential in delivering really great service and outputs, and it turned out to be the best decision. 

Their work only gets better and better. And most importantly, they are very easy to talk and work with during the enjoyable but definitely jammed packed day. Only good praises all around, even from friends and family members whom we shared their work with. 

Keep up the amazing work!

- Xander and Jia Yi

"Beautiful Memories Captured."

It was indeed pure joy and pleasure working with Leon & Petrina! Throughout the process, from the beginning to the end, we were very delighted engaging them as they have shown true professionalism. They met up with us prior to the day to understand our expectations & needs, and throughout the whole ceremony, they were very cooperative, responsive and helpful, yet at the same time discreet enough so the whole event went smoothly.

As the bride, often we go through roller coaster feelings during the wedding day itself, and it can be hard to even absorb the emotions. I'm glad to say now we have these beautiful moments captured by the professional skills of Leon & Petrina, that definitely shows all the emotions of the day, that we can watch over & over again, and savour for the rest of our lives!! 

Thank you once again from the deepest of our hearts!! 

- Yannick and Belinda

"Great Work!"

We initially decided to have a small ceremony and lunch reception to keep things simple, but after writing my vows I decided that we could not do without a videographer to capture what I believe to be the most important part of our wedding ceremony. Luckily for us, we managed to get Leon and Petrina at really short notice and they were responsive and came back to us very quickly, addressing our queries and understanding what we were looking for. Leon and Petrina managed to capture our solemnisation and provided us with a great highlights video within the same day. We were particularly impressed because our entire wedding ceremony and lunch reception was only 4 hours long as we did not have any gatecrashing, traditional Chinese wedding ceremonial events and practices or make-up segments, but Leon and Petrina rose to the occasion and were able to deliver a wonderful highlights video. We relived our special moment that night while watching the video. We are really happy and thankful that we managed to engage A Merry Moment and would highly recommend them.

- Mingkai and Patricia

"Highly recommended!"

We engaged Petrina as our actual day photographer! We loved all the pictures that she has taken. The photos are candid and of great quality. She did a great job in capturing each and every moment of the wedding. She also gave us lots of ideas for posed photos. On top of that, she is really friendly and helpful. Additionally, we loved the packaging of the returned USB!

- Peter and Jessica

"A Very BIG Thank You!"

You guys are amazingggg! From the planning beforehand to the wedding day itself, everything went so smoothly and well-prepared! We really really enjoyed working with you guys! We really love our video, and will not forget the laughter behind the scenes too! We thank you for the hard work, thank you for staying a little longer with us while we finish up the clean ups, thank you Petrina for helping out with my gowns like one of my bridesmaid too! You guys are the best! *thumbsup* We love you two very much!!!

- Kangjie and Weihui

"Nothing but Gratitude."

First of all, thank you Leon and Petrina,  for being such a nice couple to work with! You guys are so chilled and easy-going. To be frank, when I saw your works online, I was so impressed with the quality you produce and I vividly remember when I was reaching out to you guys, it was already so close to our wedding! I was hoping you guys still had an available slot on our wedding day. 

Thank goodness things worked out and during the actual day, we really felt at ease. You guys had such good rapport and to us, this is the most important thing while sourcing for a good photographer/videographer! Petrina, you are such an adorable and candid person. Thanks for those wonderful natural shots! Leon, really impressed with your work quality and being such a great guide to us while we pose for our shots!

Would love to see you guys around someday! Keep up with what you do, and all the best! Cheers <3

- Jiahua and Jiamin

"The Right Choice."

It's been quite some time since I've written a proper review but I had to praise his amazing work for my full day wedding. I can honestly say that Leon's professionalism and experience in photography for my wedding can be seen in each and every photo. He helped us every step of the way from the morning at the bride's house, outdoor shoot and all the way to the wedding dinner.

We are extremely glad to have found A Merry Moment for our actual day wedding. If you are looking for artistic, and dramatic wedding photos to capture your wedding day then they are absolutely the right choice.

- Ming Yong and Mary

"Professional and Engaging."

We engaged Petrina to shoot for our tea ceremony and are very happy with the pictures taken. Petrina is great at capturing candid shots where everyone looks natural and relaxed. She was accommodating and professional even when the time overran a little due to bad weather and did not rush us through photo taking. Our families are also very satisfied with the pictures taken and loved the candid shots. Thank you Petrina for doing a great job and being easy-going even when there were some hiccups along the day.

- KH and Beverly

"Excellent Eye and Professional."

It was a wonderful experience to have Leon and Petrina capturing the moments of our engagement. They just have the eye for details and created beautiful imagery. You don't have to brief them and they know exactly what to do. Very professional and friendly. Highly recommended!

- Lenz and Evelyn

“Highly Recommended.”

Petrina was one of the photographers for my wedding in December 2014. She had just started out then but she was already professional in the way she handled the shoot. She has a very good eye for shots and was very responsive in delivering the final photos. We highly recommend her services!

— Stephen and Christina

"Unregrettable Experience!"

A wonderful experience with the couple. They made us so comfortable while shooting. My hubby and I are never the most natural models in front of the camera but they made it so easy for us and we are entirely happy with the results. The chemistry between them is uncanny as they worked effectively together and because of their excellent team work and positive vibes, they made all their photography subjects very happy .

- Alvin and Belle

"Professional and Patient"

This review is for Petrina Ng, my photographer for my recent ROM ceremony at Keppel Club. She is a professional and patient individual who aims to meet all expectations of my little request. She even went the extra mile to check the weather forecast and conducted a recce at the site, in order to capture the most beautiful scenes during my ROM ceremony.
She has indeed done a marvellous job and most of the pictures had met my expectation. She even managed to take a challenging photo for my grandparent and baby niece. 
I thank her once again, and will definitely introduce more friends to her. Cheers!

- Wenbin and Lixiang

"Captured the Essence of the Moment."

Well, what can I say about these 2 "partners-in-crime"? They took care of my actual day wedding shoot from start to finish with impeccable care and made sure we felt as comfortable as possible both on and off camera. I am the shyest person ever in front of the camera.These two worked together like clockwork and a well-oiled machine which resulted in some really beautiful shots which captured the essence of the moment.
As they say, we only get married once in our lifetime so getting the right person/team to document the moment is extremely crucial. Rest assure that this team will make good memories of one of the most important chapter in your lives!
Once again, I express my heartfelt thanks to Leon and Petrina!

- Eugene and Yuki

"A memory is a photograph taken by the heart to make a special moment last forever. "

Thank you Leon and Petrina for the special moments taken of our daughter. - Renjie and Linda

"Beautiful Memories"

I am so glad I managed to have Petrina on board for my wedding photography. When I look back at the photos she took of my wedding day, it makes me smile with joy. I am brought back to the beautiful memories and moments that she had taken; some of which I missed out on! Thank you Petrina for capturing these precious moments of a special day of my life so skilfully. Through your lenses, you made the wedding more beautiful than I could even remember it to be! I would recommend her to any of my friends for their future weddings in a heartbeat! She is professional and easy to work with. 

- Koh Shian and Karen

"Fun and Friendly!"

Edi and I would really like to thank Petrina for being so fun and friendly to work with and for guiding us throughout the shoot. We really appreciated it and hope she did enjoy herself too! She has a way around people and even our family and friends were really comfortable with her! We really love the photos, thank you so much!

- Edi and Mun Yee

“Everyone loved the photos!”

Donald & I would like to thank Petrina & Leon for doing our pregnancy shoot. Despite the hot weather and curious eyes from the public, making the already "hot" & tired pregnant woman uncomfortable, they made it relaxing and all the shots were taken in a breeze. 

They talked and shared jokes which brought out the smiles in us. Petrina was so thoughtful that she even had her little mat for us when we had to take some shots which required us to sit on the ground. They had ideas of different poses and even agreed to some of our requests like wanting to paint the tummy. 

Our relatives and friends loved the photos and commented that they were well taken. We are happy with their service and will definitely engaged them again when our little Giselle turns one. Thank you once again Petrina and Leon! 

— Donald and Jeannie

"Amazing pictures."

We had the honour of having Petrina and Leon capture our intimate nuptials at The White Rabbit. Their talents and creativity were visible in all pictures that were taken throughout the wedding and we really appreciate their professionalism including how their personalities puts everyone at ease. This allowed them to capture the intimate moments of our wedding, especially the moments we didn't notice. It certainly is a memory we can now enjoy and relive through their amazing pictures.

- Kenny and Mun Foong

"100% confidence."

Petrina does magic with her hands and a camera. I had 100% confidence in her for my ROM photography and they turned out oh-so-beautiful. She is calm, cool, fast and gets really good shots. Her ever composed self and smile calmed me down amongst all the flurry of activity around me to pose for the pictures. Thank you Pet for the memories! Love them! 

- Kumaran and Anusuya

"Fantastic Job!"

Petrina is an amazing wedding photographer! She captured our wedding so beautifully. She knew when to capture the best moments and the best emotions not only from us but also from our guests. We have received numerous compliments from our friends, families and vendors about how beautiful the photographs are.

Petrina was also professional and patient on the day of our wedding. She captured every special moment without being intrusive or distracting. She made us and guests feel very relaxed and comfortable. Each time we look through the photographs that Petrina had taken, we feel like we have re-lived the entire day and all the special moments again.

Thank you Petrina for doing a fantastic job capturing such beautiful moments on the most important day of our lives and for letting us cherish these moments forever. It was indeed our pleasure to have you shoot at our wedding.

- Vanessa and Tze Hau

"Beautiful photographs."

We would like to think Petrina for the beautiful photographs she took of our family at Fort Canning this year. She was very patient and interacted with the children very well. We warmed up to her easily and even though we were not used to posing for photographs, she helped direct us naturally and we had fun in the process. It was not easy getting good angles that would flatter everyone but Petrina managed it and we were very happy with the photographs!

— Lim and Michelle

"A Wonderful Experience."

We engaged A Merry Moment for our maternity and post-pregnancy photo shoots after Petrina shot at our wedding a few years ago. We were very impressed with their professionalism and customer service. Petrina was very patient and detail-oriented. Prior to the photo shoots, she took time out to understand our ideas and advised accordingly. Her bubbly attitude and creativity ensured that our shoots were fun and enjoyable. Thank you for the wonderful experience and photos! Cheers!

- Li Yang and Winda

"Dedicated and Professional."

My family and I had a very enjoyable and fun-filled session with Petrina and Leon. They are very dedicated and professional, teaching us how to pose and even brought things like a mat for us (especially important for noobs like us). They ensured that the photo shoot was fuss-free and had been very patient with us which was especially important as we have the little one. Thank you A Merry Moment!

- Marcus and Iris