Mingyong & Mary

Photography: Leon Huang (A Merry Moment)
Venue: Hotel InterContinental Singapore
Posed Shots (Photoshoot) : Tuas Lalang Field

One of the best gatecrashes we have ever shot has to be at Mingyong and Mary's wedding! Mingyong came dressed as the emperor and his huge entourage of brothers, all 16 of them, came suitably dressed up as imperial guards and servants. They rolled out the red carpet for their emperor and even carried him, a ceremony worthy of Chinese royalty indeed!

All the beautiful concubines (the bridesmaids) were dressed up as well and made sure it wasn't easy for the emperor to fetch his bride. Imagine the neighbours' surprise when they opened their doors to a scene that seemed to be from a Chinese period drama! All 25 people squeezed along one corridor all for one sole purpose. It was thrilling and a once-in-a-lifetime experience indeed.

The photoshoot at Tuas was also done with everyone in their costumes, ready to play their role and look their part. The day ended off with a touching solemnisation ceremony at the beautiful Hotel InterContinental at Bugis and an equally fun banquet with all family and friends enjoying themselves thoroughly.