Jason & Sharlyn

Photography: Petrina Ng (A Merry Moment)
Bridal: The Gown Warehouse
Makeup and hair: Shirley Tan (Autelier Makeup)
Venue: Shisen Hanten (Mandarin Orchard)

Reporting to the bride's home never felt so comfortable and familiar. Jason and Sharlyn were recommended by a bride I shot for in 2016 and I warmed up to them instantly. Sharlyn was sooo excited that morning, full of smiles and squeals, hugging everyone who walked in. She's officially the first (and only) bride to scream when her veil was being put on by her parents. And despite promises of not having a gatecrash, Jason still had to win his bride over before he could enter the room.

Before this day, I shot for another 10h wedding dinner but I didn't feel a single smidge of fatigue at all on their day. It was fun and laughter AND tears (we were all so touched) all the way to the end of the day!