2018 in Review

“Let us be grateful for the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls bloom.”

And grateful we are to every couple who has given us the opportunity to share in their joy on their big day. We had thought that 2017 was an amazing start for A Merry Moment but 2018 has managed to surpass our expectations, even those of ourselves.

From simple weddings where couples just want to celebrate with their closest to elaborate ones that involved a lot of planning, we were part of it all and nothing beats the feeling that we helped to keep those memories going for them - that they can relive their day through all the photos and videos we’ve given them. In fact, we often laugh and tear as we edit, amused by everything that happens on their wedding day.

The year didn’t go by without its challenges but we survived every one of them, coming out even better. We learnt so much through these challenges, from each other and from the friends (old and new) in the industry.

With that, we have high hopes for 2019 and we thoroughly look forward to every wedding to come. Bring them on!

Happy new year everyone! May 2019 bring more smiles and joy and new adventures!


Petrina (one-half of A Merry Moment)


Thank you for all the couples from 2018!

Fabian & Serene
Weiming & Flora
Derek & Vanessa
Ivan & Phyllis
Alvin & Jacqueline (PWV)
Mathew & Cindee
Andez & Vanessa

Kai Chen & Yan Tian
Adrian & Jingfen
Zhiwei & Liting
Shawn & Phoebe
Leonard & Isebelle

An Xuan & Chloe
Christopher & Wenjia
Nicholas & Lavinia
Ren Bin & Wynne
Ryan & Evelyn (PWS)
David & Fiona
Marshall & Cai Yan
Shaun & Zoe
Andrew & Yi Ting
Alvin & Jacqueline


Izwan & Sharifah

Kevin & Chelsey (PWS)
Kay Wah & Yanisa
Ken & Su Wi

Colin & Isabel
Qing Hong & Isabel (PWS)
Binghong & Jiayi
Chia Seng & Susanna
Terence & Angela
Lai Jie & Shi Qi
Zuyao & Hui Ping
Kevin & Chelsey


Shawn & Jiaren
Jonathan & Joey (ROM)
Shaun & Kelsey
Sit Leong & Eunice
Mark & Gwen

Wei Leong & Florence
Chen Siang & Shi Hui
Ryan & Evelyn
Jonathan & Joey (PWV)
Morven & Gladies

Leong Chuan & Yixiu (ROM)
Kaiming & Jacelyn
Billy & Stephanie
Dao Seong & Algin


Weixian & Rachel
Slevin & Valerie
Jerome & Poh Suan
Andy & Katrina
Edi & Mun Yee
Mike & Joanne
Nelson & Deborah
Kenneth & Wei Xuan (PWS)
Louis & Alicia
Wei Han & Yanyan

Nicholas & Joan
Amos & Terri
Malcolm & Genever
Zhen Yang & Xuanmin
JC & Karen
Zhi Quan & Sharon
Benedict & Lovelle

Joshua & Rong Her
Gordon & Vanessa
Dillon & Lilian
Leong Chuan & Yixiu
Lloyd & Stephanie
Yin Yong & Jia Ying
Kenneth & Wei Xuan


Nelson & Deborah

Photography: Petrina Ng (A Merry Moment)
Videography: Leon Huang (A Merry Moment)
Gowns: The Aisle Bridal
Makeup and hair: Bypattcia (Instagram)
Venues: Chapel @ Imaginarium and Parkroyal on Beach Road

We absolutely loved our day with Nelson and Deborah! Meeting them before the actual day to plan for their big day was great. They had so many ideas and we were excited to help put them in action. It was a longggg day but it certainly didn't feel that way with the sweet couple and the really fun bridal party. We loved every moment from the gatecrash to the church ceremony to the banquet at night.