If shooting a subject from the side, do frame it such that they are looking into the frame as shown below.


This is an example of subjects looking out of the frame instead.


Shooting wide to include solemnisers

During church ceremonies, I am often on a fixed telephoto lens. So it is necessary for you to shoot a wider frame to include the solemniser when he/she is speaking.



This is a part where you have to be quick, as you will be covering the groom’s angle, and the groom always speaks first.


When the solemniser prompts the couple to stand, move your tripod such that you can zoom in for a tighter, and over-the-shoulder shot as shown below.

If you were unable to frame it perfectly and the groom has already started speaking, just leave it as long as nothing is obstructing him. Zooming in and out or moving the tripod while he is speaking is worse than an imperfect framing.


For example, the below shot is too wide and the eye-line is wrong as well. But I could still crop at the expense of image quality. Whereas if you continue to zoom or move while the groom speaks, then that portion of the shot is going to be completely unusable.